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What is CrossFit? Is it for you?

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Even though we program different workouts everyday, we have a set of foundational movements that we always use. It is important to understand how to do these movements correctly and with good form in order to prevent injuries. It also helps the class to move smoothly when everyone has a basic understanding of all the movements. Before joining in the classes, The Shop in Cibolo, LLC requires everyone that is new to these movements to go through our introductory courses.

This can be done one on one or with a small group of people. Each session will be about an hour long. Once we are done, you will feel like you had a great workout!

The Intro Sessions help give the member a sense of confidence coming into the class. It also helps the trainer to give equal attention to everyone during the normal class sessions.

We hold these sessions outside of our normal class times.  WE ONLY HOLD THEM DURING TIMES THAT ARE OUTSIDE OF OUR NORMAL CLASS SCHEDULE.  We apologize if these times don't work for you.

You must pay for your intros as confirmation that you will be there.  Please click the link below to get scheduled.

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